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We know it’s never easy to select the right contractor.

Waterproofing and Terraces

High above the streets, balconies and terraces undergo significant damage over time, battered by extreme weather conditions and everyday use. New York buildings are in constant need of care, especially in regards to exterior waterproofing, a building aspect that is essential during months of rain and snow.

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A roof can be thought of as the “fifth plane” of a building. The roof is also the first defense a building has against varying seasonal conditions. Whether it is heavy snow or extreme heat, the roof bears the brunt of the weather. And the weather can take a toll.

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A lintel is the L-shaped metal steel support located over every window. The perimeter of a window frame is not strong enough for the weight of the brick façade. The purpose of the lintel is to support the bricks facade and waterproof the wall.

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We know it’s never easy to select the right contractor.

Issues of cost, trust, performance, and reliability all come into play.

The question becomes: Who separates themselves from the pack? Who makes the extra effort to satisfy the customer? Who pays unusual attention to quality and detail? Who makes you feel secure in their proven ability to achieve your desired results?

Through three generations, we’ve grown with New York—like the city itself, we’re modern and innovative yet carry within us a deep respect and appreciation for the city’s architectural history and traditions.

Explore our site and discover the distinctions that have enabled us to maintain, restore, and renovate New York buildings since 1918.

And see why Benny’s Contracting is the best choice for all your exterior construction needs.

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